Joint tourist offer of the

Upper-Drina region


Drina! Wild and quiet, fast and slow, untamed and obedient, swirly and straight! Unpredictable and moody as it may be, one thing is certain, you will be enchanted. A river of thousand faces, as once said by the novelist Isak Samokovlija, it fascinates like a living and divine being. Along its 346 kilometers – long stream, we find a wealth of breath-taking canyons, forests and scenery. The Drina Canyon, in some places a thousand meters deep, is the second largest in Europe and third in the world, after Colorado and Tara canyon.

  • Arrival to Tjentiste and accomodation in Hotel “Mladost”
  • Trip to “Donje Bare” lake with four of the vantage points Boric (Zelengora)
  • Return to Tjentiste and visit to “Dragos Sedlo”
  • Visit to Prijevor, mountain cottages and vantage point (at the foot of Maglic)
  • Return to Tjentiste
  • Lunch, break
  • Visit to Tjentiste (Sutjeska World War II Memorial Complex)
  • Dinner, free activities and overnight
  • Breakfast
  • Visit to the Sand Pyramids
  • Visit to Gorsic Polje
  • Drina rafting
  • Lunch
  • Arrival to Gorazde
  • Visiting cultural and historical monuments
  • Free time, dinner and overnight


  • Arrival to Visegrad
  • Visit to the Old bridge – famous “Bridge on Drina”, and Ivo Andric’s monument 
  • Lunch
  • Boat ride
  • Free time, overnight
  • Breakfast
  • Visit to Dobrun, XIV century Monastery
  • Departure to Rudo
  • Boat ride on “Vodeni Ciro”, lunch on the boat
  • Tour of the city, visit to cultural and historical monuments
  • Free time
  • Dinner and overnight


The itinerary applies to summer tourist season, and the duration of visits to particular locations can be changed upon request of the group. Also, the itinerary can include other specific contents offered by tourist organisation of municipalities of Foca, Rudo, Visegrad and city of Gorazde, such as rafting, hiking routes, visits to other cultural and historical landmarks etc.